"...a brilliant, fun rock album. From start to finish, this album is stocked with energetic guitars, groovy bass, catchy drums, and brilliant vocals." The Daily Vault - Riley McDonald
"Where the Ocean Meets the 10 is an eclectic sampling of [Ballyrag's] extremely well-crafted fusion pop, drawing from a wide range of jazz, funk, and rock influences in catchy and original ways. The musicianship is impeccable; the arrangements are interesting and tight, and the sound is remarkably mature and varied." "every song could stand strong as a single, but nothing feels the least bit intentionally commercial." West Coast Performer Magazine - Jason Meininger
"a unique rock sound with a bit of Latin, a bit of swing, jazz, and even some California surf music." Upstate Outback
"well-oiled musicianship that never tries too hard, all topped with wry, winsome lyrics." Cosmik Debris Magazine
"textured lyrical fusion of poetic verse and wit." "timeless, original, head-bob worthy and scenic." Spunout Central (Featured underground artist)
"[Since Raif] has lived everywhere from Miami to Rome, itís easy to see where Ballyrag gets its eclectic style." The Daily Bruin
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